A libre front-end for Quora

Key features

Privacy focused

All requests are proxied which makes it impossible for Quora to collate meaningful data points about you.

No ads or tracking

Absolutely no ads, no tracking, no browser fingerprinting, and no telemetry of any kind.

Fully responsive layout

Utilises modern CSS features like CSS Grid and Flexbox to make the website fully responsive for all screen sizes.

Lightweight and fast

As the website contains no bloat, pages load in a jiffy and request sizes are tiny.

Dark and light themes

Whether you're a nightowl or bright screen lover, you'll enjoy curated color scheme for your taste.

Unofficial API support

just add /api/v1/ after the domain name in the URL and get a JSON repsonse.


How do I use this?

Replace 'www.quora.com' in any URL with 'quetre.iket.me'. So, www.quora.com/Are-Nubians-nilotes becomes quetre.iket.me/Are-Nubians-nilotes.

I don't want to edit the URLs manually!

You can use automatic redirectors for that.

There are some unreachable routes.

I'm working to implement them soon.

Why are some math equations showing up weirdly?

If you're browsing with JavaScript disabled, then the Mathjax library isn't able to load and format tex equations. I'd recommend to enable JavaScript for it since there's no other way to show them in the browser. Even Quora uses Mathjax.

Why can I only view a couple of answers?

Quora doesn't show all answers at once. It only loads more answers as the user scrolls down. Furthermore, it uses many unique IDs to send ajax requests to fetch those answers. So, all in all, getting more answers isn't impossible but quite difficult requiring some serious amount of time on their website in order to figure out how it all happens. I'm short on time for now.

I have some ideas/want to help.

You're most welcome to do that. Just contact me or fork the repo and make a pull request.

Why the name Quetre?

Quora is supposedly a portmanteau of 'Questions or answers'. In the same vein, Quetre is a portmanteau of 'Questions and answers', but in Latin.


Reach me via Matrix or Email in case you got any suggestions or feedback, or if you just want to drop a hi :)